Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spiritual Journaling ...

I wanted all of you to comprehend a very important aspect of writing your "magic" the form of spiritual journaling..So,here goes..
In this era of technology,most of us have forgotten our handwriting,our penmanship,our identity of ink on paper..
From to do lists to prescriptions to thank-you notes,I write a lot everyday..
Maybe,someday 300 years from now,my notebooks and journals will be discovered and will serve a deeper purpose or create a spark of inspiration for some lovely person..who knows ?
For now,it is a deep relationship that I share with the Creator,the Divine Force,Goddesses,teachers,experience,people,ideas and life..
The first question that most people ask is what can they write can be anything...a poem,a piece of prose or even your favorite poem by someone else,written out beautifully in your own handwriting..things you sense around you (observations),places you've been and what you draw from them (travel) ,insights you've had along the way ,dreams,wishes,prayers you've prayed,special things that others have written or said,about your capacity to surprise yourself,
things you've discovered while looking back in the journal or maybe aspects of your meditation.
In all my travels,I am always on the lookout for a beautiful journal,an exotic notebook or a cover of a book that talks to me either by its aura,my resonance with it or the joy that exudes from it..I bring them all back home and keep them in a safe haven and have over the years picked from the bundle and filled them with words.I make sure I write every night before I go to bed..
Please make sure you buy a journal that talks to you when you look at it..and then it is time to commence your "journey of the written word"
The more gratitude we have..the more the Universe gives to you..but,it is important to write it also serves as a great emotional and creative outlet..a best friend..a soul sister..a charming brother..a spiritual guide and a constant companion..
I have enjoyed writing this blog more than I thought I is a wonderful addition to my day/night..
My "goodnight" routine includes penning words in my journal..meditation and then sleep..perfect..
Enjoy this experience of the spirit and let me know how the light just becomes brighter..
Many Smiles...