Wednesday, June 23, 2010

and this is a story of "them"..

We have all heard of childhood diagnosed autism but what is adult autism ?
Here are some symptoms,however only a professional can and should diagnose the condition in adults.
•Poor communication - Even people with mild autism tend to have problems picking up on the subtle aspects of communication, making human face-to-face interaction challenging. Body language, facial expressions, intonations and other non-verbal cues, as well as irony and jokes often gets lost in processing. This disrupts overall coherence and frustrates all parties involved. It is quite possible why many people on the spectrum actually prefer written communication, such as emails and IM. While neurotypical people may find this stifling, the autistic finds clarity and precision.
•Social awkwardness - Naturally, the communication problems often lead to some degree of social awkwardness. A group of friends making tongue-in-cheek comments about a celebrity or politician may be perceived as honest opinions, for example. Many people with autism tend to be uncomfortable with eye contact, which neurotypical people may take as a sign of disinterest or even disrespect.
•Lack of intimacy - A high-functioning individual can get through life very well, making friends and doing limited socializing, but it may be difficult to let that significant other through the innermost walls. This is not for a lack of want, but simply a question of not having the tools to quite get there kind of like how a deaf person can't pick up the sound of a beautiful symphony no matter how much he wishes he could.
•Problems keeping time - People with Aspergers in particular can have problems keeping track of time once they engage in an activity they enjoy. This laser-like focus is great in controlled circumstances, such as when studying or playing chess, but they sometimes require an external force to get them OUT of that almost trance-like state. It can also be triggered by tasks like stacking and organizing things on shelves and other activities that speak to the pattern-loving part of the autistic brain; it just clicks, and the person spends an hour organizing the spice racks just perfectly without barely noticing.
•Lack of emotional control - People on the spectrum may be out of touch with their own emotions, as with those of others. That means they get surprised and almost ambushed by their own reactions to upsetting situations. A mild case of adult autism would obviously not be anywhere near the tantrums an autistic four-year old would throw, but it's enough to get a little out of hand and perhaps react a little irrational in the eyes of a bystander.

I saw an autistic dad take care of his kids on a plane today.
To love does not require a social skill,intelligence,physical strength,good looks,wealth-you only need a beautiful heart that sometimes misses a beat because of all the love it has !!
In all of those spaces between the beats is when real love happens...
It was such a joy to see them..They were such a team-all he did was to love them and they( a 9 yr old boy and a 7 yr old girl) took care of him...Hmmmm...
The world has not lost its charm..
The birds still chirp..
The rainbow has more than seven colours..
Water soothes.
Tears heal.
Love is a true celebration.
My faith in humanity will never die as long as there are silent reminders such as these truly remarkable situations; made complete with the most spectacular people !