Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Of daughters and fathers...

This is an "official" baby girl week..Let me tell you why..My handy man Juan,(who I share with a lot of my friends)..asked me whether he could stay in my garage and he sounded and looked tired(obviously,he was joking..)...I asked him why..and he said that he had been working long hours over the course of the last few weeks and he was just tired..
He than added with a smile and said that the reason that he wanted a place to rest was because,he could not show his children how tired he was,when he came home..He said how they jumped around the moment they saw him..He also remarked on how many times he had seen Cinderella..I replied,"Juan,atleast,you now know the story.." and we smiled..
I actually think that this situation could be a good thing,infact a "great" thing..can you imagine,"that kind of love" when you come back home every evening..!!
Last night,I went to visit my friends,who are anxiously expecting their first child,a daughter..(The good news is that the mommy's water broke as I write this blog)..I saw in the eyes of the expectant father-concern,love and anticipation..It is amazing how strong men on the surface are really beautiful, emotional beings on the inside..very touching..
I realised how much of my "dada" ,I really am..especially,over the last few years..From him,I inherited wealth not in the form of riches..but the kind of treasures that make this world..a wonderful place..Friendships from all over the world,love of languages,the gift of the gab,smouldering eyes,curiosity to explore places and cuisines to name a few.. We might not talk often with eachother but we glisten with pride and speak to the world of eachother..
It is my dada's birthday tomorrow..Happy Birthday..Dada..(will call you !!)
The connection between a father and a daughter has a magic that nobody can take away..It will live through me..those connections are the bright stars in the night sky..those,that will be remembered forever and ever more..
Here's a beautiful wish for all the dad's out there.."Happy Father's Day"
I am looking forward to the day when I can look at the eyes of my beloved; gently glancing into the eyes of our daughter(s)...Hmmmm...
I await the journey of sacred motherhood--a Divine celebration..