Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Introduction to AUM CUISINE

Dear Beautiful People,

I have never been a fan of blogging but I thought I need to be part of the e-times and hence this new experience.

Cooking has always been a very meditative journey for me..and I would like to share some of the most important aspects of AUM cuisine with all of you.

"AUM" cuisine is Authentic,Universal and Meditative,I have trademarked it and plan to do something memorable for the world very soon.

Meanwhile,I hope this blog serves as an inspiration for you to make meals,live life and learn for you and your loved ones..

Many Blessings,

Vaidya Priyanka


  1. Last night my sister and I made some yummy quinoa-stuffed acorn squash for the family. OK, Gia didn't eat it but she thought it looked pretty. :) xox

  2. Fun..there is nothing like a good "aum" cooked meal...XOX sista..Vaidya Priyanka