Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The space between the beats...

..of my heart..
(hold the horses) I have not fallen into a deep rooted romance..but,just cherishing an "awwww" feeling..It has been awhile since I felt that way..
Will not tell all of you,the real reason behind that feeling(atleast as yet)..but,it is the best medication in the world...the AWWWW..not prescribed often enough I might add.
I was talking to a very important person today...someone who makes me enjoy being "me" and continue with everything that I have my heart set on without hampering with my style of expression,my quest for perfection and my love for what I do.
There is a requirement in everyone's life for an AWWWW..The advantages as I see them are as follows:
1.You will notice that everything in life is brighter even if it is a gloomy day.
2.There will be no excuse in the world for not exercising EVERYDAY.
3.That there is a glow in your eyes that not even the best 'any professional' can diagnose the root cause of.
4.Food tastes wonderful..you cook often for friends and family but you happen to eat what is required and not too much.
5.That nobody in the world has the power to get on your nerves.You actually do not hate anybody.You are just 'indifferent' to them.( and the realistation of the same is actually good for you)
6.Your professional day goes by faster and you have actually done a lot more with your time.
7.Your smile is wider and has a noticeably higher frequency.
8.Your creativity is on the rise.
9.Sleep is deeper and dreams aplenty.
10.You also have enough time for your daily dose of AWWWW
...and the parable continues...
What could AWWWW be ?
Will look forward to your emails..
Vaidya Priyanka

Monday, January 17, 2011

Food Dyes and Colors -Not Attractive !!

It is time to write about an ingredient which is so common place and dangerous at the same time.One of the most common ingredients in the food we eat isn't even a food. It is a food dye.

I have spoken about and discussed this topic to everyone I know for years.It dawned on me that it was time to blog about it.
I am beyond surprised,to say the least that the United States has done nothing about eliminating them.The FDA continues to maintain that artificial dyes are safe, citing numerous studies that found no ill effects.

Commonly used food dyes, such as Yellow 5,Yellow 6,Blue Lake and Red 40 are made from petroleum and pose several risks.
Those risks include hyperactivity in children, cancer and allergic reactions.

In 2008, because of the problem of hyperactivity, the Center for Science in the Public Interest petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to ban the use of these dyes. The British government and European Union have taken actions that are virtually ending the use of dyes throughout Europe.

Food dyes also serve to deceive consumers: they are often used to simulate the presence of healthful, colorful fruits and vegetables. But considering the adverse impact of these chemicals on children, and considering how easily they can be replaced with safe, natural ingredients, it's time to get rid of them altogether from everywhere in the world.

Food dyes are synthetic chemicals and you've seen them on many an ingredient list. Without them, your cheesy macaroni might not be yellow and your fruit punch might not be red. Thousands of grocery store items contain artificial food dyes.
A highlighted example would be a package of "100% Real" potato au gratin today that gets its golden hue from 100 percent real "Yellow 5 Lake" and "Yellow 6 Lake."

There have been a lot of studies on the effects of artificial food dyes on children, dating back to the 1970s. Some showed that food dyes could cause behavioral problems in children, and others didn't. But a few years ago, an analysis of 21 of the most conclusive studies found compelling evidence that, indeed, artificial dyes could contribute to hyperactivity, restlessness, and attention problems in some children – particularly those with ADHD. What's more, the studies suggested that removing dyes from those children's diet was a quarter to half as effective in reducing those symptoms as giving the kids Ritalin or other stimulants. In other words, certain kids with ADHD might not need drugs if the artificial dyes were removed from their diets.

Kids like color; thus artificial dyes are most prevalent in products that appeal to children – such as snack foods and cereals. Parents who want to avoid artificial dyes can find it's a complicated process requiring careful examination of each ingredient label. One brand of tortilla chip may contain two dyes while the brand sitting right next to it contains none. Just because a food item is white or pale-colored is no guarantee is does not contain dyes. Trader Joe's and Whole Foods claim the products they sell contain no artificial dyes, but not every shopper has access to those chains. And of course, restaurants don't post ingredient lists on their menus!

Here are some of the common food dyes and colors and the harm they cause.
FD&C Yellow #5 - Can cause: Allergies, Thyroid tumors, Lymphocytic lymphomas, Chromosomal Damage, Trigger for asthma, Urticaria (hives), Hyperactivity (Rowe & Rowe, Egger, 1985)
FD&C Yellow #6 - Can cause: Urticaria (hives), Rhinitis (runny nose), Nasal congestion, Bronchoconstriction (combined with Amaranth, Ponceau), Anaphylactoid reaction (combined with Ponceau), Eosinophilotactic response, Purpura (bruising), Allergies, Kidney tumors, Chromosomal damage, Abdominal pain, Vomiting, Indigestion, Distaste for food
FDD&C Red #3 - Can cause: Bronchoconstriction (combined with Brilliant Blue, Indigo Carmine), Sequential vascular response, Elevation of protein-bound iodide, Thyroid tumors, Chromosomal damage, and other unspecified symptoms

Combine this food product with a few other "quick-cook" items on your plate, and you may have the recipe for incurable diseases. As it was in the beginning, a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, unbleached whole grains, and unprocessed natural foods are what we are meant to eat. Unnatural foods can produce unnatural body responses, and should be avoided as often as possible. The body has the natural ability to repair minor damage, but if the foods we eat on a daily basis continue to pollute our bodies, the damage may be permanent

It may sound fishy, but it's true, bugs are the hottest wave in food coloring. Cochineal, which is a red beetle, has been used for decades to add a red color to food.Some of those foods are:

•Cola drinks
The way for you to know if you're consuming red beetles is to check the label. Although it won't read, red beetle, it can appear under several different names that unless you know what they are, you'd never suspect what it is.

Red Beetle Color is also called the following

•Red 4
•Natural Red
•Carminic Acid
•Crimson Lake

Well,the best way to avoid eating beetles is to educate ourselves about the various names of these harmful ingredients but easier still,is to just eat an everyday diet filled with whole grains,fruits and vegetables,natural beverages (fresh juices etc.,),pure ,clean water and seeds.

I promise to add some very important aspects of ingredients as the months roll by; so you would all be well introduced and commence a period of learning and responsibility towards your body.
Stay healthy in the New Year !
Vaidya Priyanka