Monday, March 11, 2013

Driving friendly memories...

Like everyone in this world,I have had some friendships that have stood the test of time.Nevertheless,there have been some friendships that have lasted only a short while but have taught me so much.
Why some of these friendships end is a question worth pondering about..
When I drive long distances,I sometimes allow the fresh air to mingle with my locks,I turn off the music or the radio and think..think about everything and all the people I have had the honour of sharing the planet with.
Some brought a smile,some,a naughty grin,some tears,some concern and some overwhelming gratitude.
It made me wonder whether I was a good friend.Whether 'all' the choices I had made with those relationships were correct ?It made me realize very quickly that none of us are perfect,we just strive to be...
The memories that have left a lasting impact with regard to my friendships need not necessarily be associated with laughter,some had the deepest melancholy written all over it..It is the fact that we stood by each other through all that and some,which made those relationships stronger.
There are some friends who I never get to see often because they live so far away but I did realise that I think of them so fondly and ever so often.
I have realised that I do not have enemies in my life.Just friends who are not so friendly anymore.It took awhile but I realise that it is so much better to not have "bad" emotions associated with "good" memories.
I have no regrets in my life.Every day has taught me something in the form of a conversation,association or words.
However,I do have strong regrets that some people who mattered so much to me as I did to them are not physically present to share a meal,a conversation,a hug,a smile or a happening.
I do believe in my heart,that the true test of friendship is when times are tough,inabilities soar over abilities,looks fade and such but your telephone still rings,your door still gets knocks,the inbox of your email are still full,brimming with concern and love,with fond memories of gratitude.
Real friends love you for what you mean to them with none of the packaging that you come with.They love you unconditionally.They love you even if there is no glitter for awhile.
That was one long drive .The journey from San Jose to San Francisco could not have been longer and more magical.I laughed,smiled,cried and finally arrived 12 minutes early for a meeting looking like a raccoon( thanks to the breathtaking combination of tears and kajal).I probably drove slow,when the emotions were hard and fast when the joyous raptures took over my memory.
I realised that the greatest friendship in the world we all have should primarily be with ourselves,so that we are prepared for anything that is thrown at us.We have to be a good friend in training at all times.
I always remember in my heart that everything happens for a reason (though sometimes I might not really make peace with it immediately..).
Anything that shakes you from the core is for a good reason.
I do not speak "negativity" into existence anymore.(even for a second)
The true test is when everything is being hurled at you and with the greatest calmness and hospitality,you can receive it all and say,"are you done ?"..
I have so much gratitude for all my friendships,the not so good,the good,the better,the best and the greatest.They(in their own unique way) have made me the woman that I am today.
Take the time to drive..and to think of everyone...who has been responsible to make you the person you are today...
It will be worth the drive...