Tuesday, March 19, 2013

and this is life...

One of the most trying times of my life but I still approach it with a smile..The fact that I do my TM program with gratitude every morning and night definitely helps..

In the name of the freedom of speech,there are some people who have sold their souls and have taken to writing about others..rather crudely..very unhealthy and very disappointing..Many have been the target of such abuse and so have I.
... but I will not give permission to be abused..

As many masters have said,"if you are doing something good,people will always say nasty things about you and if you do not hear enough nasty things,it means you are not doing enough good things."

I am a mere mortal who loves to take care of people.I love to cook with the traditional ways intermixed with flavours of the world..My aumcuisine reflects who I am..AUTHENTIC..UNIVERSAL AND MEDITATIVE and the beautiful thing about life is nobody can take that away from me..
Ayurveda and its vedic magic is in my genes and my blood..It is as natural as breath..effortless and nurturing..

I actually love it in some sense when negativity brews on the internet..If people have to believe words written by people they do not know rather than believe and trust people who they meet..it is better they walk different paths..

I am not upset just curious on how people have the time to write without any basis.

Rumi has the words and the explanation of such happenings as below.


Whatever comes, comes from a need,
a sore distress, a hurting want.

Mary's pain made the baby Jesus.
Her womb opened its lips
and spoke the Word.

Every part of you has a secret language.
Your hands and your feet say what you've done.

And every need brings in what's needed.
Pain bears its cure like a child.

Having nothing produces provisions.
Ask a difficult question,
and the marvelous answer appears.

Build a ship, and there'll be water
to float it. The tender-throated
infant cries and milk drips
from the mother's breast.

Be thirsty for the ultimate water,
and then be ready for what will
come pouring from the spring.

A village woman once was walking by Muhammed.
She thought he was just an ordinary illiterate.
She didn't believe that he was a prophet.

She was carrying a two-month-old baby.
As she came near Muhammed, the baby turned
and said, "Peace be with you, Messenger of God."

The mother cried out, surprised and angry,
"What are you saying,
and how can you suddenly talk!"

The child replied, "God taught me first,
and then Gabriel."
    "Who is this Gabriel?
I don't see anyone."
  "He is above your head,
Mother. Turn around. He has been telling me
many things."
  "Do you really see him?"
He is continually delivering me from this
degraded state into sublimity."

Muhammed then asked the child,
"What is your name?"

"Abdul Aziz, the servant of God, but this family
thinks I am concerned with world-energies.
I am as free of that as the truth of your prophecy is."

So the little one spoke, and the mother
took in a fragrance that let her surrender
to that state.
  When God gives this knowing,
inanimate stones, plants, animals, everything,
fills with unfolding significance.

The fish and the birds becomes protectors.
Remember the incident of Muhammed and the eagle.

It happened that as he was listening
to this inspired baby, he heard a voice
calling him to prayer. He asked for water
to perform ablutions. He washed his hands
and feet, and just as he reached for his boot,

an eagle snatched it away! The boot turned upsidedown
as it lifted, and a poisonous snake dropped out.

The eagle circled and brought the boot back,
saying, "My helpless reverence for you
made this necessary. Anyone who acts
this presumptuously for a legalistic reason
should be punished!"
  Muhammed thanked the eagle,
and said, "What I thought was rudeness
was really love. You took away my grief,
and I was grieved! God has shown me everything,
but at that moment I was preoccupied within myself."
The eagle,
   "But chosen one, any clarity I have
comes from you!"
    This spreading radiance
of a True Human Being has great importance.

Look carefully around you and recognize
the luminosity of souls. Sit beside those
who draw you to that.
 Learn from this eagle story
that when misfortune comes, you must quickly praise.

Others may be saying, Oh no, but you
will be opening out like a rose
losing itself petal by petal.

Someone once asked a great sheikh
what sufism was.
 "The feeling of joy
when sudden disappointment comes."

The eagle carries off Muhammed's boot
and saves him from snakebite.

Don't grieve for what doesn't come.
Some things that don't happen
keep disasters from happening.