Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year 2013 !!!

Like any other year,2012 just rolled by..
Personally,it was a year of fun,friendships,success,love,loss,betrayal and meditation (not particularly in that order.) and thank God for that.
We open the year 2013,with many heavy hearts from 2012,for "Damini" in India,who will now be a heroine in our midsts,for the humiliation and pain that she had to endure and perhaps for her parents,family and friends who will always wonder why this horrendous crime had to be on their daughter and friend.We live here in the United States,thinking that we,as women are safe but quite the contrary is true.Yes,things are better here than many parts of the world..but evil still many forms,lurking to jump at any time..on women,who are in many ways the object of crimes,emotional,physical and in many other ways.
All of those children in Newton.There can never be an explanation on why.As questions float around,let us learn,change and become the answers.
For all those stories that are never spoken about,never become news items,people who are nameless,faceless and identity less.The world needs to change and grow y(ears) so that we may hear you.
I would like to think that when "demons" leave they do so with a bang ! I really do hope it is an exit march.Maybe,this was the 'end' of the world,the Mayans spoke about ?!?

Now,that the New Year is here,here are my resolutions:
1.I am going to blog more this year and that is a promise.
2.I will be in the best shape that I have been in over a decade.
3.Make 3 of my favourite people's dreams step into reality.
4.Continue to be patient about people who seem to gossip about me and those I love.
5.Adithi (more details will follow soon)

Have a fabulous year !
Love and Blessings,
Vaidya Priyanka