Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The dictionary says that disappointment is the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one's hopes or expectations.

 There are no two ways about it; we have all experienced disappointment before. We have been disappointed in ourselves, others, outcomes, the weather, profession,education and a host of other things from the mundane to things that really matter.
Just like all of you,I have been disappointed several times in my life.
The truth is when you are feeling down in the dumps about anything or because of anything,there is really nothing out there that can help you deal with it.But,it is definitely a reason to go in,what I call the greatest journey,the journey within.
 Life does not happen according to a plan or a mandate. It is normal for things to not happen the way that we envisage it,sometimes. It is true that people could let us down. During the course of my life,I have been disappointed with so many things in the world,in my home,with people,with myself,but,I realized very quickly that sulking or getting depressed is not the way out. Disappointment is an opportunity to move forward,to create ,to excel,to shed skins,to move on.. Imagine that a chance to prove yourself,to exhibit your talent,an opportunity that looked very promising falls through.The first thing that most people will do will be to react,instead try indifference,do not even allow it to bother you the slightest and before you realize it ,a bigger and better opportunity comes knocking at your door.
This happens often with people.No one is perfect.
There have been many people in my life who I held in the highest regard and before I realized it ,there was plenty of backstabbing and hurt.Remember that if you react,that process of hatred becomes an unnecessary vicious cycle.My advice is to indifferent.Then,there is victory.
Maybe,you are going through disappointment right now and do not want all this advice that you are dismissing as flowery.How about reading and re-reading and maybe in that distraction,you have a AHA moment and not just the bulb goes off,there are fireworks. When I notice people going through adversity,I never say "it will be okay." because that belittles that person's disappointment and melancholy.Even sadness has an honorable place.
It is a good idea to listen if that person wants to talk and not offer advice.Sometimes,by lending a listening ear,you can offer more solace then by speaking. Usualy,the answer to problems is within the person who has them.Articulating the words,helps with the solution. As humans,we are wired to become attached to certain outcomes, we are destined to experience it right throughout the course of our lives. When I go through painful disappointment,it deepens my faith in the Divine and makes me stronger in my belief system. Treat disappointment as a friend and not as the enemy.Learn through it.Observe your emotions.
Journal..and think,will it really matter a year from today ? and if the answer is yes,start thinking why ? What does not kill you,only makes you stronger.
 Stay true to yourself.The best is yet to come..
Many Blessings
Lots of love
Vaidya Priyanka