Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The space between the beats...

..of my heart..
(hold the horses) I have not fallen into a deep rooted romance..but,just cherishing an "awwww" feeling..It has been awhile since I felt that way..
Will not tell all of you,the real reason behind that feeling(atleast as yet)..but,it is the best medication in the world...the AWWWW..not prescribed often enough I might add.
I was talking to a very important person today...someone who makes me enjoy being "me" and continue with everything that I have my heart set on without hampering with my style of expression,my quest for perfection and my love for what I do.
There is a requirement in everyone's life for an AWWWW..The advantages as I see them are as follows:
1.You will notice that everything in life is brighter even if it is a gloomy day.
2.There will be no excuse in the world for not exercising EVERYDAY.
3.That there is a glow in your eyes that not even the best 'any professional' can diagnose the root cause of.
4.Food tastes wonderful..you cook often for friends and family but you happen to eat what is required and not too much.
5.That nobody in the world has the power to get on your nerves.You actually do not hate anybody.You are just 'indifferent' to them.( and the realistation of the same is actually good for you)
6.Your professional day goes by faster and you have actually done a lot more with your time.
7.Your smile is wider and has a noticeably higher frequency.
8.Your creativity is on the rise.
9.Sleep is deeper and dreams aplenty.
10.You also have enough time for your daily dose of AWWWW
...and the parable continues...
What could AWWWW be ?
Will look forward to your emails..
Vaidya Priyanka